have you heard about elephant boy cafe?

a unique experience

From the moment you enter elephant boy cafe you’ll know you’re in a very special place. A place where you can relax with a cup of the best coffee, enjoy our fine cafe fare, read a book or just sit back and soak up the atmosphere.

elephant boy cafe is the destination of choice for so many because it’s much more than a cafe – it’s a unique experience.

What’s the attraction?

Why do people plan their day around visiting elephant boy cafe? Customers tell us that they appreciate our:
• friendly, personal service (if you behave yourselves)!
• famous for our pies, fish potato cakes, tuna and lentil rissoles, curries, sandwiches and cakes
• only fair trade manually roasted organic coffee
• welcoming environment

We believe it is the total elephant boy cafe experience – distinct from any other cafe/restaurants – it is locked in an era, a reflection of great days gone by.

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